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Which Gamemodes should be added next?

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  2. Prison

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  4. Factions

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    Hey you! Yeah you! I know that the server has been pretty dead for about... two years, but hear me out, we are rethinking our server and have come up with a plan! We will be working very hard to get good functional game-modes up and running, right now it's creative that is fully functioning, all we need is a spawn for it.

    Next we will be overhauling Survival! Survival will be a Imperial Pass beholders only, I know I know, pay-gates, but we will be allowing players to earn time on the Survival server by other means, but for now that is all we got, on the other hand, all of our cosmetics will be getting an upgrade! Rewards will now be given auto-magically, just login to the server and you will automatically receive upwards of 50+ Quadras just for logging in every day! Voting is still up and running, we will be adding more sites soon, so keep that in mind.

    We are also working on things you can purchase on our store, we really don't like pay to win games, so that will never ever be thing! So what we offer is purely cosmetics, but the Imperial Pass will give you access to Beta test gamemodes! We will be bringing back the classics such as SkyBlock and many more, we we're just going through a huge testing phase the last few years, but we are here to stay!

    Hope every is having a great start to their Summer Vacation, but our fun has just begun! Let the games begin!

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