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Discussion in 'Appeals' started by SuperRonanCraft, Oct 18, 2017.

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    So... you've been banned huh, you must have done something really bad to get on the bad side of a staff member. Here are some questions to ask your self before making an appeal:

    1. Was I banned because I was cursing or using harsh language.
    - Mostly if the action in non-intrusive to the player, making their gameplay suffer, we MIGHT consider an appeal.
    2. Was I banned because I was using hacks.
    - Don't even bother making an appeal, we do not like players having any advantage over others, which includes flying, auto-clicker, etc.
    3. Was I banned because I griefed another players claim (trusted or untrusted).
    - Did you apologize to the player you griefed? Get back to us when you do...
    4. Any other reason...
    - Make an appeal, you likely just got on our bad side.

    Making an appeal template:
    1. Reason for getting banned: <reason>
    2. Staff member who banned you: <player> (Don't remember? Don't worry)
    3. How do you plead?: <guilty/not guilty>
    4. Why should you be unbanned?: <reason>
    5. Will you do this again?: <answer>
    6. Why did you do this anyways?: <reason>
    7. What's ur social security num... just kidding
    Failure to follow this template will result in your appeal to be denied!
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