Halloween Themed Build Event!

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    Welcome fellow Crafters!
    Halloween is around the corner. It’s time for you guys to impress us with your scariest builds on our Creative server. Yes, you got it right it’s time for our first BUILDING COMPETITION!

    We are looking for the scariest Halloween themed builds the best 3 will get a prize. The competition will start from today and will end on the last day of October! The winners will be announced a few days after the competition ends.
    As of right now we are giving away a FREE Donator Awesome Bundle, Quadras to spend in Cosmetics, and a Builder rank! May the building begin!
    Are you done building? Great! Post it on the #halloween-event channel on our discord with the following:
    • Picture Preview of Build
    • Plot ID or coordinates to your plot
    • Small description/fun fact of your build
    (Don't know how to get a plot in Creative? Just type "/plots auto" to get one quickly!)

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